Replacing the Zoom Rocker on a Canon GL2 Camcorder

The GL2 has a problem where the zoom rocker becomes "sticky" or unresponsive.  You can order the part from Canon and install it yourself.

When my zoom rocker started getting bad, I started researching and found that you can send it to Canon and they will fix it for about $250, but you can also order the part for about $20 including shipping and install it yourself. The number for the parts department is 1-732-521-7230. The part number you need is DG1-7395-010. The part costs $13.08 (as of early 2007) and with shipping and tax, my total was $19.93. Hopefully the following will be able to help someone save some money and have fun taking your camcorder apart..

Picture of Canon GL2

Remove the two screws from the tape door.

Tape Door Front Tape Door Rear

Remove the three screws from the back left side.

Back Panel

Remove the 6 screws from the bottom.


Remove two screws that were under the bottom plate.

Bottom, base removed.

Remove the tape door cover and remove the 1 screw from the mic/headphone jack area and the screw from the zoom rocker assembly.

Side, Tape door removed.

Remove the screw from the rear of the tape door opening.

Tape door opening

Gently remove the right side of the camera. I set it on a stack of folders to hold it up.

Camera open

Gently peal the zoom cable away from the metal area and remove it from the connector.

Camera open

I found it easier to insert the cable into the connector by taking the metal assembly out. Remove 5 screws from metal door assembly.

Metal door assembly

Slide the plastic and metal pieces apart. You may have to slide the tape door release.

Metal Door assembly

Connect the zoom cable. I used a tweezers to slide it in. It slid in easier than I expected.


Remove the adhesive protector from the cable and stick the cable to the metal assembly. Then slide the zoom key assembly into place and insert the screw.

Put everything back together...when you are reassembling the outer door, make sure to line up the plastic tabs.

Plastic tab bottom of door
Plastic tab, inside door

Place the side assembly back on the camera body. Don’t forget to put the rear port cover back in place.

Reassembled Canon GL2

This project took me approximately an hour and a half, including taking the pictures.